Hello Hello!!!


Things to keep in mind:

1) pack lightly! we do have laundry machines so we can wash your clothes in Ft. Smith if neccessary

2) no hard suitcases! use a duffle bag, it conserves space in the van!

3) make some playlists! we have a long ride ahead of us, so the more music, the better!


5) meet us at 766 Comm. Ave..(the parking lot next to the general classroom building, directly across from the GSU) at 5:45! we want to leave by 6! SO SET YOUR ALARMS EARLY!!!!


we are SO excited to spend the week with y’all!!!!


Marie and Anjali!


and of course, our video of the week:


Hey Guys,


We have some great things in store for you!

Please let us know if you cannot come!

Another reminder: this is the last weekend to get van trained.

If you did not know already, we have a long drive ahead of us and we could use all the drivers we can get so PLEASE GET VAN TRAINED IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY!!!!

that’s all for now!


Marie and Anjali

clip of the week:

think you would take the stairs more if they were all this fun?


So guys… in case you didn’t know, we’re going to be doing a WHOLE WEEK of community service with Habitat for Humanity!!!

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that focuses on giving affordable housing to low income families across the U.S.

We will be working on a house for a family who REALLY needs it for the entire week!

You may be asking: Is experience/ muscles required?

Don’t fret! We are probably weaker than you… you will be fine!

But if you wanna get buff before break…perhaps we all could do a Ft. Smith Boot Camp?!?

Let us know :]

Thats all for now folks!

Anjali and Marie

PS: Clip of the week:

Possibly songs for the car ride?


So we have just created a facebook group for YOU to join!!!

Find us at “Party in the USA …or at least Ft. Smith AR with ASB!”

We are so pumped to meet ya’ll (get into that southern spirit!) are comin’ with us!

email us with any questions, comments, or concerns at asb11ar@gmail.com


Marie and Anjali

clip of the week:

Best commercial of the superbowl!

Registration was this past weekend and we now have all of you as our lovely volunteers! Thank you for choosing Fort Smith.. you won’t regret it!

We will be emailing you ASAP! But if you wanna creep on us early.. we give you full permission to find us on facebook!


Anjali and Marie

oh and to prep you for the best part of the superbowl (aka: the commercials): 

hope they are better this year!!

Hey Guys,

Happy Snowy 2011! (Who’s sick of snow yet? I know I am!) Another storm tonight: 10-15 inches!!!

Well guess what?! In Fort Smith, its a whopping 62 degrees! So you can only imagine what it will be like in March! Wanna learn more about our trip (and get some free candy)? Come to ASB Info Session tonight from 7-9 in the GSU Back Court! Meet me and Anjali and all the other crazy co’s!

Don’t Forget!!! Registration is THIS SUNDAY at 8am! (yes, I know it’s early.. but totally worth it) Keep Fort Smith in your mind please !


And don’t freak out like this guy!

Hi guys!

We hope you aren’t too stressed about final projects, papers, and tests.  Just a few weeks until you are at home sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace, rereading your favorite Harry Potter book.  That’s what I plan on doing… Just an FYI, we decided today that Marie would be in Hufflepuff and Anjali would be in either Ravenclaw or Slytherin, probably Slytherin though.

As you may have noticed the theme of ASB this year is Space, because we’re going to outer space!  I hope you all have enjoyed the posters and ads on the computer kiosks in the GSU.  Our PR committee has been working hard to spread the word about this year’s amazing trips.

Good Luck with your finals!

If you’re looking for a way to procrastinate, please enjoy this site: http://www.dearblankpleaseblank.com/index.php

Hey Hey ASBers!
Welcome to the 2011 Ft. Smith Blog!
Your co-cos are Anjali and Marie, and we are so excited to go to AR!  Since we will be spending an entire week together you might want to know a little about us.

Marie Alessi: I’m a Sophomore in CAS majoring in Anthro and Minoring in Education and Spanish.  I am from Saratoga, NY, and enjoys long walks on the beach. Strangely or wonderfully (which ever you prefer), I have a close resemblance to a Panda.  So if you see a girl walking around campus with panda eyes, it must be me!

Anjali Patel: I’m a Senior in SMG concentrating in Finance and Operations Management & Technology.  I am from Arlington, MA, about 20 minutes away from BU by car.  I spent last summer in Ireland where I kissed the Blarney Stone- a huge accomplishment for a borderline-germaphobe!

We are both pumped to this trip to AR and update you with the progress we are making.  If you have any questions about the trip feel free to email us at: asb11ar@gmail.com

Anj & Marie


We are Anjali and Marie, and we are the cocos the this year’s trip to Ft. Smith Arkansas!  We are so so excited to go down south to work in the issue area of Affordable Housing.  This blog is just here to give you some info on the trip, the work we will be doing, and us.  I mean let’s be serious, who would get in a van with strangers and drive 30+ hours away, without stalking the cos?!

We’ll be posting again soon, and just for your viewing pleasure, enjoy this video from a famous Arkansas star: 


Anjali & Marie

(The Daughters of Joy)


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